Licensing and Registry

Here you can find the legal information pertaining to our tourism licensing.


  • Oporto Near Apartments:

    Oporto Near Apartments is a set of premier tourist apartments located in the centre of Porto. With a unique decoration and the best cost to quality ratio, we have distinguished ourselves as one of the finest tourist apartment providers in the northern region of Portugal.

    Oporto Near Apartments Licensing and Registration Numbers:

    Oporto Near Apartments – 108564/AL
    Oporto Near Island – 64848/AL
    Oporto Near Violin – 89728/AL
    Oporto Near Palace – 56993/AL
    Oporto Near Coliseu – 107081/AL
    Oporto Near Clérigos – 106385/AL
    Oporto Near Trindade – 111926/AL